The Weeknd-Beauty Behind The Madness

Definitely worth the listen and I would recommend this album to anyone who hasn't been able to get into The Weeknd previous to now.  This album has something for everyone and already features 3 Billboard charting singles.  Standout tracks include Tell Your Friends, Often, Earned It & Can't Feel My Face.  But don't miss out on deeper album tracks like Dark Times feat Ed Sheeran which is a bluesy warning to a prospective lover to be careful who they give their heart to.

Checkout a track by track scoring below and our Brownstone family who has tried out Spotify can take a listen to the entire album with our playlist below!

Real Life    3.5
Losers feat Labrinth    3
Tell Your Friends    5
Often     4
The Hills    3
Acquainted    3
Can't Feel My Face    3.5
Shameless    3
Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)    5
In The Night    3
As You Are    3
Dark Times feat Ed Sheeran    4.5
Prisoner    4
Angel    3

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