Janine And the Mixtape -XXEP (Review)

There are times when listening to this EP you Janine And The Mixtape sound like a throwback group.  Like one of the classic groups that dominated the airwaves during the late 90s.   And, at other times it sounds like she’s channeling The Weeknd.  Overall this a very tight 6 track EP that will leave you wanting more and pleased with what you’ve heard.

We Could Be Better    Great introduction to the EP.  "You're not my mine and I'm not yours.  But I wish I was…" Janine croons over a track worthy of The Weeknd.  Janine has a silky smooth delivery that echoes hauntingly across the songs.  This is the type of song that you'll find humming along to before you know the words.

3.5    When I'm Broken    A song about the aftermath of a toxic relationship.  The writing on this one is so clever.  Delivered over a thumping beat Janine delivers lines like:  "We shared each other's bodies a few hundred times / And here we are pretending we don't know each other's faces."  Really smart song.

3    You Deserve It    Ever wish the one who got away the best?  This song is for you.  Not a standout but Janine delivers a solid song that will have you nodding your head.

4    Old Beside You    Janine sings about a selfish, cheating, dismissive lover who has just lost her love.  If nothing else this EP was well written with clever turns of phrases and perspectives that aren't heard too often.

2.5    Lose My Mind    This song suffers from a regrettable hook that somehow still almost works because of Janine's cool delivery.

4    This Moment    A song worth more than one listen.  I keep saying it but the song content on this album elevates it above the normal EP and mixtape (no pun intended) releases that I see all the time.  Definitely looking forward to more from this group.
3.5    Album Total (Out of 5)   

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