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A while ago I was introduced to one of the funniest things I had ever seen.  One 4 minute feature summed up perfectly what I (and my other guy friends) had been complaining about for years.  And this one short animated clip allowed me to share it with my better half without the fear of it turning into an argument.  Comedy is at its best when it combines a harsh and uncomfortable truth with a little bit of humor to make it all go down smooth.  Like the great episodic comedies of the past Guy Moment's was able to bridge a gap and start an uncomfortable conversation without causing any pain.

Check out our conversation with the creator and star of Guy Moment's, MC Martin:

Q. So how did Guy Moments get started what led us to this point?
A.  Well, I've always had a writing background.  Some time when I was in the 10th or 11th grade I came up with this story about a guy who asks his wife for a week off from marriage to go do whatever he wanted.  I told my brother about the idea and they told me it was a great idea but I didn't do anything with it.  A few years later the movie Hall Pass" was released.

Q.  How mad were you?
A.  Man!  You have no idea!  Now I never had a script writing background but, I decided at that point I could definitely do this.  So I took the time and wrote out a movie script and was going around showing it to everyone.  There was even one time when I called this agency and they told me that they only took appointments on referral.  And I was like, "I found your agency on the internet! That's my referral."

So I just decided to start just taking parts of the script and recording them as audio.  An online radio station caught wind of us and they started having us on there for about 4-5 months.  The response was pretty good and people were asking for live action versions of the show.  And that's when we started doing the animation.

Q.  Has the show ever got you in trouble with women?
A.  Nah, it hasn't really gotten me in any trouble.  What I have had was ex's will call me up and ask me if something in the show was about them.

Q.  How much of the characters are you? Are these things that you've actually experienced?
A.  Everything in the show has happened in real life.  These are actual events that either myself or someone I know has experienced.  I have so much material you have no idea.  I have like 17 audio episodes ready to be animated.  There are over 30 episodes already scripted.

Q.  Do people send you things that have happened to them?
A.  People are constantly sending us their life experiences.  I get emails saying "Maybe you guys can use this" all the time.  If we do use anyone's idea then we will put their name in the credits.

Q.  When did you realize that you had a hit on your hands?  Was it when you saw your show on
A.  Man, I knew right before the Worldstar moment.  I was definitely sitting around thinking, "When are they gonna see...."  We were thinking about putting our stuff on Worldstar but we had heard that it cost money to get on there and so that was out.  And then I'm at work on the Thursday that it happened (the Worldstar posting) and my phone is blowing up but I ain't paying attention to it.  My phone rings and its my friend and he's all like "We on Worldstar."

Q.  Tell us a little bit about your Indiegogo campaign and how can people support Guy Moments?
A.  Well most people don't know that this is our second time on a crowd-sourcing site. The first one no one knew about and we got about $15 from it.  This was during the initial animation stages.  Right now we have about 69k subscribers on YouTube and if everyone could just give a dollar we would well exceed our goal.  If you can't donate then just make sure that you are sharing it with everyone you can.

This is a show that has an all black cast.  But, I made sure that the show depicts a multicultural group on purpose.  The show isn't about race.  It's about learning from your mistakes and growing.

Q.  Where do you see Guy Moments going? What is your ultimate goal?
A.  I want to put Guy Moments on a major network.  I look around and I see the animated shows that are out there and I just see that they have no content.  I have content, and I know its better than what I'm seeing.

Q.  So, when did you know that you were going to just go for it and make Guy Moment's?
A.  Right before the Worldstar thing.  I was just sitting there thinking I gotta make this happen.  Its like when you think about something all day everything and its all you can think of.  That's when you have to make it come to life.  I can't stop even if I want to.
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