Conflict of Inerest

What would you do if the child that you have given up as a teenager before you started your successful career and loving family suddenly came back into your life?  How would your life change?  How do you explain such a personal and controversial decision to a family that only knows you as a loving spouse and parent?  What do you say to the child who has grown up deprived of all the love and comfort that you have given to your "new" family?

Tough questions, right?  These are the family issues that Tommy Ford addresses in the latest film from his production company T. Ford Model Productions, Conflict of Interest.  This powerful film harnesses the stellar talents of Tommy Ford, Dorien Wilson, Jazsmin Lewis, Bria Murphy and Carl Payne to tell a family drama for the ages.  With a group of actors that are easily recognizable we at Brownstone feel that this is a can't-miss movie and have our popcorn ready to go!

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